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BME, the company that believes in building the future of education in the Middle East is excited to partner U.S. based education technology company, Class Technologies Inc., a company that is changing the way the world learns.

BME has 13+ years of experience in the Middle Eastern market and is one of the biggest providers of edtech solutions in the region and our experience in the region and Class solutions, will add immense value in the market.

Class adds teaching and learning tools on top of Zoom to make the online classroom feel like a real classroom environment. BME now an official reseller of Class software, is already working with education institutions, to implement Class software across the Middle East.

Class is built on the Zoom Meetings platform and provides everything needed to facilitate instruction and improve learner engagement in virtual and hybrid classroom settings. The software adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom that enable instructors to perform many of the activities that happen in a real classroom, virtually. Some key activities supported by Class include taking attendance, handing out assignments, giving a quiz or test, grading, proctoring exams, and talking one-on-one with a student.

“As the father of three children, I know that by improving the virtual and hybrid learning experience, Class can make a real difference for millions of students and educators around the world,” said Michael Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Class. “We fast-tracked the development of Class because we knew how many people needed our help. We’re pleased to partner with BME.

“BME is grateful to Class management and their team for making this partnership possible and we look forward to bringing Class solutions to market with our existing vision which is to build the future of education in the Middle East. We think it’s a strategic partnership as foundations of both companies are solid in terms of experience, passion and vision for the future.” Imran Afaq, General Manager of BME.

To inquire about Class or schedule a demo please click here.

About BME

At BME Holding, we are shaping the future of education with big ideas that challenge conventional thinking and advance new models of learning. Every day we inspire people to find new ways of learning, connect and drive change in the way education is delivered and experienced. Through technology and services, we bring people closer to the knowledge they seek and make their own world better.

By partnering with clients and vendors across the Middle East and abroad, we’ve built the best technologies and solutions to help advance our industry in meaningful ways. But we’re not just building new learning products; we’re building a new way for learning.

Established in 2010 BME Holding has offices in Riyadh, Dubai and other parts of the Middle-East. BME Holding works closely with partners throughout the region to make its online learning solutions available to schools, universities, corporations, governments and military organizations.

About Class Technologies Inc.

Class is software developed by Class Technologies Inc., a company founded by education software pioneer Michael Chasen. Class is built on the Zoom platform and adds teaching and learning tools to teachers’ workflow to make the virtual classroom feel like a real classroom. It helps teachers take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz or test, grade work, proctor exams, talk one-on-one with a student, and more. Class is headquartered in Washington, DC with staff around the world. Schedule a demo at and follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @WeAreClassTech.

Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Class Technologies Inc. and its product Class are not sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise affiliated with Zoom.