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We’ve been laser focused on getting Class into the hands of as many instructors and students as possible – and our growth in just over a year is a nod to our ongoing commitment to change the way the world learns.

As Class continues to scale, we’ve become more agile, more connected, and more effective thanks to the support from industry leaders and established partners across the world who know that Class has the capability to improve the virtual and hybrid learning experience. 

Today we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding Class’ reach even further with our newest partner Carahsoft. The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider® is now an official distributor of Class, bringing our software to the U.S. Public Sector.

State, county, and district educational leaders have been searching for tools to enhance engagement and improve student outcomes across hybrid and virtual settings, which is precisely the reason we developed Class. Together, we aim to address the massive gap between virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning environments that K-12 and Higher Education institutions are currently experiencing due to the pandemic.

Carahsoft has demonstrated a long-term commitment to serving the public educational sector with best of breed learning and video communications platforms. The company serves as the Master Government Aggregator® and largest worldwide distributor for Zoom. As a selected distributor of Class, Carahsoft will expand the software’s North American footprint by delivering Class to Government and Education markets through its robust reseller network.

It’s truly amazing to have the same company that played an instrumental role in growing Zoom’s presence within the public sector, working to distribute Class as well.

Enhancing the way that instructors and students engage, connect, and learn is no small feat. Instead of the one-dimensional learning experienced by students and employees, our software allows teachers, instructors, and facilitators to replicate the in-person classroom experience in a virtual and hybrid environment. Delivering this technology and accessibility to the public sector brings us one step closer to our goal, and announcing our partnership with Carahsoft is a major moment for our company. 

Class enables seamless implementation and allows for streamlined access for all learners and educators. It is a solution that continues to make waves in virtual and hybrid educational settings. We’re excited to expand that reach into this sector because we know that instructors and learners need our help. 

We’ll continue to keep you in the loop as we enter this next chapter alongside Carahsoft. For more information, contact the Class team at Carahsoft at (833) 544-9666 or If you’d like to learn more, please request a demo.