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Blended learning continues to be one of the most effective modalities for online and virtual learning. As we continue our mission to change the way the world learns, offering effective solutions that make blended and hybrid learning environments feel like real classrooms remains one of our highest priorities.

Class is Partnering with D2L for a new Virtual Classroom experience

We are excited to announce that Class has partnered with global learning technology leader D2L, to provide a comprehensive digital learning experience for students, teachers and professionals across platforms.

This partnership will harness the power of both Zoom and Class within D2L Brightspace, the award-winning learning innovation platform, to deliver engaging solutions and tools for blended and hybrid learning. Together, we will seamlessly support synchronous and asynchronous learning with instructional tools that can help educators connect with their learners.

Brightspace Classrooms with D2L and Class will:

  • Automate attendance
  • Measure student engagement
  • Inspire learning through quizzes and pools, and much more

D2L Platform with Class Changes the Virtual Classroom Dynamic

Teaming up with D2L couldn’t come at a more crucial time as educators continue to look for tools that enhance engagement, offer flexibility and are effective during these unprecedented times. The D2L Brightspace platform is trusted by millions of users through schools, academic institutions, professional associations, and corporations around the world. Brightspace’s ability to manage and deliver content such as lectures, videos, assignments and assessments ‘on-demand’, in conjunction with Class’ engaging real time virtual sessions, allows learners to receive the best learning experience. 

This partnership will also create a one-stop-shop for synchronous and asynchronous learning solutions across three powerful platforms for a seamless buying experience, which is another major milestone for our company. 

At Class, it’s so important for us to find meaningful partners that embrace our mission wholeheartedly, and we’re excited to join forces with D2L, creating a powerful trifecta that we know will improve online and blended learning in the future. 

The solution will be available from D2L in the US, Canada, UK, APAC and internationally through selected resellers in the first quarter of 2022. To inquire for more information, please request a demo of Class by clicking here

We knew that when we set our mission to change the way the world learns we had our work cut out for us – but we’re honored to lead the way as the world embraces the future of education technology. There is a lot for us to celebrate, but still so much more work to do. Stay tuned – we’ll be in touch again soon with more exciting news!

About Michael
Michael Chasen is the co-founder and CEO of Class. He is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to improving the way people live and learn through technology. Chasen also served as co-founder and CEO of Blackboard Inc., a pioneering edtech company with software used by over 20,000 institutions and millions of instructors and learners worldwide.