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For many of us, this company feels less like a job and more like a cause to help educators.  

When we launched last September, we knew millions of students and instructors needed help, so I want to share how we are fast-tracking our plans for Class.

Without warning in March, the entire education system went virtual and the use of Zoom for education skyrocketed. As a result of this rapid and unexpected change, educators were left scrambling and looking for ways to deliver the in-person learning experience and connection, online. 

Our plan was to make software that helped Zoom feel more like a real classroom so that teachers could do everyday things like take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz, grade work, or talk with students one-on-one, all on Zoom. 

We believed our idea could help a lot of people, but even we were taken aback by the massive demand for our software.

Since our launch in September, we’ve heard from over 6,000 colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and corporate training programs in the U.S. and overseas, and over 100 of those institutions have asked to sign contracts immediately, even though we’re not finished coding. We’ve also heard from corporate training departments facing similar problems with virtual training.

The overwhelming feedback received all mapped back to one thing: people need Class, and they need it now. As a father of three kids currently logging on to school remotely, the urgency hits close to home.

We’re happy that so many people can benefit from our software, and we’re proud to play a small role in helping education and corporate training programs work better for students, teachers and the global workforce.

We’re focused on building software that is stable, secure, and fun and we’re working around the clock to accomplish all of this in record time.

As part of our sprint I’m pleased to share that we have raised an additional $30 million dollars to accelerate our plans to get Class into the hands of educators within four to six weeks. This financing is on top of the $16 million in seed capital we raised a few months ago, and gives us all the resources we need to accelerate our plans.  

Our team has already been working fast and now, we’re scaling up even more, hiring over 100 new employees in 2021, and preparing to launch Class.  

We know that education has changed forever, and we’re committed to creating new tools and innovations to support education as it evolves in the future. 

For now, let me say that we are happy to be doing our part. If you would like to join our team and do important work to help the world learn, visit out our careers page. If you want to check out our software, let us know.  

Lastly, we are changing our corporate brand name from ClassEDU to Class Technologies and can now be found at online. We believe this change will simplify our brand and reduce confusion between our company, and the products we bring to market.   

I will keep you up to date on our progress as we get ready to launch. In the meantime, it’s time to double down on our efforts and fast-track our work to bring you Class.

About Michael
Michael Chasen is the co-founder and CEO of Class. He is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to improving the way people live and learn through technology. Chasen also served as co-founder and CEO of Blackboard Inc., a pioneering edtech company with software used by over 20,000 institutions and millions of instructors and learners worldwide.