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We’re thrilled to announce that Class Whiteboard is now available. This latest addition to the Class learning platform opens new opportunities for effective instruction, active learning, and sustained collaboration in education and corporate training settings.

Designed for learning—with input and feedback from experts from K12, higher education, and corporate learning and development—Class Whiteboard connects seamlessly with other capabilities of Class, such as enhanced breakout rooms, to expand the possibilities of instruction and collaboration.

class whiteboard

Collaborate with others in real time

New possibilities for instructors

Virtual whiteboards can often be unwieldy, making it hard not just to communicate with participants but also to encourage collaboration and creativity. With Class Whiteboard, instructors now have the ability to:

    • Create, save, and reuse multiple whiteboards, making it easier to prepare content in advance of a Class session and use the same whiteboard over multiple sessions
    • Add pages to whiteboards, allowing for better organization of material or creating collaborative activities that can be assigned to breakout rooms
    • Easily enable editing privileges to allow participants to contribute ideas and demonstrate comprehension in real time
    • Use math and science symbols to easily add equations and formulas to learning activities
    • Add images to whiteboards, enabling better content delivery and the creation of interactive exercises for participants and students
    • Bring participants together to the same location on a shared whiteboard to create focus and stimulate discussion
class whiteboard

Engage learners with interactive activities

Support active learning and collaboration

In the physical classroom, whiteboard activities are a great way to drive active learning, engagement, collaboration, creativity—and fun. With Class Whiteboard, you can design activities that spark discussion and collaboration, driving active learning and deeper knowledge acquisition. 

Some examples might include:

  • Assigning whiteboards to breakout rooms for hands-on collaboration, and then bringing the whiteboard back into the main classroom for group discussion
  • Using the same whiteboard over multiple sessions, allowing participants to review and  build upon prior work—and creating a record of learning in the process
  • Providing individual whiteboards to learners so that they can work privately with fewer distractions
  • Creating warmup and icebreaker activities using images to make collaboration more fun and efficient
  • Building assessments that allow participants to use text, images, and drawings to demonstrate comprehension
  • And many more …

We look forward to seeing how instructors, learning designers, and learners exercise their creativity with Class Whiteboard in conjunction with the other capabilities of the Class learning platform to change how the world learns.

To learn more about the capabilities of the Class learning platform, including Whiteboard, request a demo today.