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At Class, we’re hard at work making online learning better. And since last fall, we’ve released impactful updates for this fall–and want to share them with you. These updates help instructors and learners get more out of their virtual training sessions.

In this blog post, learn the latest ways we’ve upgraded your online learning experience.

Essential Corporate Updates

Collaboration View

This view enables learners to share screens and media content with instructors. This provides more visibility in your live training sessions with the ability to see digitally where your learners are at.


Our smart content whiteboard allows instructors to easily share media, materials, and notes with all learners in a live training. The whiteboard keeps learners connected and together in a centralized interactive environment.

Mobility Between Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms are even better. To support flexibility for group learning, we’ve added mobility between rooms. Now, learners can leave and join different rooms during live breakout sessions. This update includes new room countdown timers and broadcast messaging for all learners.

Share unique content to different rooms that learners can leave and join during live breakout sessions.

Closed Captioning

With closed captioning, Class offers improved accessibility and learning comprehension. Host instructors can turn on captions from their Views Dropdown, which displays for all users (who can also toggle off). Captions are displayed in near-real-time using voice-to-text.

In-app Support

If instructors and learners experience difficulty in their virtual training, our in-app support enables reporting real-time technical problems without leaving the Class session. 

Instructional Designer Role and Course Templates

If facilitating multiple classes, instructors can now make and share reusable content from one Class session to another. Our instructional designer role and course templates streamline an efficient multi-training approach to learning design online.

Administrators can designate the Instructional Designer Role in the Class admin portal, which enables instructors to create and manage course templates.

Course Templates enables you to create a template to upload files, assignments, surveys, polls, and media. With this template you can now select it to automatically have your content immediately available upon scheduling training. Name your template, save it as a draft, or publish it to all instructors.

Instructor view

Course templates are now available for easier lesson sharing and replication.

Technical Updates for IT Administrators

Introducing the Class API

In June 2022, we launched the first iteration of the Class API. An API (application programming interface) enables developers and programmers to automate customer integrations. With the Class API, your technical team can create and schedule classes, manage enrollments, run reports–and more!

You can access API features manually via the UI (user interface), but the API enables doing these tasks at scale or at a scheduled time like overnight. 

To learn more, visit our Admin Guides for API

Class Adopts LTI 1.3

This summer, we built the foundation for the next generation of LTI (learning tool interoperability) nicknamed LTI Advantage. This next generation of LTI interoperability improves the technology industry standardized framework to enable service providers like Class to work seamlessly with your school’s outstanding learning management system (LMS).

The LTI Advantage works behind the scenes for school administrators to integrate Class with whichever LMS their school uses.

To learn more, head to the masters of LTI, IMS Global, and read all about it:

Why Platforms and Tools Should Adopt LTI 1.3 | IMs Global Learning Consortium