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Welcome Sabina Cramer to the Class family. She brings 15 years of hard work, thoughtfulness, and experience building Blackboard’s global partnerships–and will help seamlessly transition those customers to the new Class Collaborate platform.

While Class remains steadily at work reimagining–and advancing–virtual learning around the world, we continue to add new team members who also share that vision.

People who, through tireless efforts advancing educational opportunity and innovation in their careers, not just know this mission, but live it.

People who believe the value of education is everything. Who have not just witnessed its triumph in their own lives and families. But who have also nurtured it with countless partners globally–from schools, universities, and students–in rural Colombia to higher education universities in Johannesburg, Scandinavia, and beyond.

People like Sabina Cramer: a familiar face in the Blackboard Collaborate network, who we’re thrilled to welcome to our own. With the recent acquisition of Blackboard Collaborate, Class asked Sabina to transition customers to the next level of their virtual or hybrid learning experience. She will work hard to ensure their onboarding is delivered at the high standard she sets. Sabina served at Blackboard for 15 years from 2002 – 2017, and will now keep growing those relationships in this next phase of their learning journey.

Working in education has shown Sabina that the future is flexible.

“The world is going hybrid,” she says. “And people will continue to do things in their own way–what works for their lifestyle. Even beyond working from home. You see in countries where students can’t afford to live–that they can attend school and go to university. I truly believe in offering virtual and hybrid solutions to people to achieve their personal goals.”

Sabina has seen Blackboard make a difference all over the world–from education in Western countries, to government initiatives in Colombia, the Middle East and China. In addition to her insight as an education and technology advocate, she brings diverse global perspectives, which she’ll leverage in partnership with Class’s global brand and customers.

Her global perspectives have served her well. “I’ve learned to be pretty humble. Especially when I see opportunities I’ve been given–and other people haven’t–but they’ve still created amazing things for themselves by working hard and pushing boundaries. I believe education is the most important thing in life to help people get to where they want. I’m excited to continue to bring that opportunity to everyone everywhere.”

Class’s acquisition of Blackboard Collaborate brings 13,000 clients from 75+ countries and 175+ learning institutions into our network. This totals over 10 million users.

Yet while the scale is impressive, we know with Sabina guiding them they’re in excellent hands.

If you have more questions about the future of the new Class Collaborate platform:

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