Class Collaborate: Upgrading Your Virtual Classroom

Thursday, March 9, 10AM ET / 3PM GMT

Tuesday, March 14, 7PM ET / Wednesday, March 15, 11AM AEDT

Michael Chasen, Founder and CEO of Class Technologies, will be joined by Yolene Ors, VP of Product Development for Class Collaborate, to discuss the latest enhancements we’ve made specifically for our Collaborate users, including an early preview of what it looks like for your institution to upgrade to the latest version of Class.

We’ll be answering the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from our Collaborate customers about upgrading to Class, including:

  • What does the latest version of Class look like?
  • Can I try the latest version of Class?
  • How does this change my contract?
  • What happens to my storage?
  • What if my institution doesn’t use Zoom?

The program is designed for Class Collaborate administrators.

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