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Bring Human Connection to the Virtual World


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Discover how organizations are reimagining learning with Class – the real-time virtual learning platform built on Zoom.

Class users love and can’t live without:

  • Detailed insight into engagement
  • Templates to scale quality sessions
  • Seamless content distribution
  • Better hands-on and collaborative breakouts
  • Real-time monitoring of feedback, chat, and breakouts
  • Proctoring with live screen viewing
  • Transcription for notes and reference
  • And more
Exclusive Demo for REMOTE Summit 2022 Attendees

Connected Learning That Drives Impact

Restore Human Connection

Facilitate the shared experiences and real-time conversations that create meaningful 1:1 and group connections.

Activate Learner Curiosity

Bring people together in active learning experiences that spark curiosity and inspire participants to build and practice new skills.

Unlock Instructor Potential

Let your facilitators do what they do best—create context and connection—with integrated tools that bring virtual learning to life.