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As a Collaborate customer, your virtual upgrade program includes access to the Class Discovery Platform. Request access to get started.

Request access to the Class Discovery Platform

What to expect with your trial

With the Class Discovery Platform, you’ll be able to explore and experience the features and functionality available in Class. You’ll find more information below on what to expect with the Class Discovery Platform.


Upon request, a member of our team will reach out to you directly to provide your institution with a set of five user credentials that can be used to login to the Class Discovery Platform.


Once you receive your credentials, you can access the Class Discovery Platform through a Blackboard Learn testing environment integrated with Class to demonstrate the capabilities of Class when integrated with an LMS.


You’ll also find content created specifically for our Collaborate customers, comparing the Class experience to what your users are familiar with in Collaborate.

What makes Class the right solution for you?

In addition to the teaching and learning tools Class has to offer, we’ve heard from many of our Collaborate customers that there are a few key benefits that really set Class apart from the rest.

Preparation and configuration

Class is built to give instructors more control over their sessions, including the ability to prepare and preload content, adjust individual learner-level permissions in real-time, and monitor activity in all breakout rooms simultaneously.

Improved accessibility

Designed to support a range of learner needs, Class comes equipped with features like automated live captioning and a dedicated sign language interpreter camera that can be pinned directly below the instructor podium for an equitable learning experience.

Real-time data dashboard

Instructors have access to a number of real-time metrics—including talk-time, attendance, and frequency of chats and reactions—that can be used during and after sessions to measure and improve learner engagement.