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The next generation virtual classroom—now available for Microsoft Teams

Class for Teams 데모 받기

Class, the leading virtual classroom solution, is now available on Microsoft Teams. Class harnesses and extends the scalability of the Teams’ trusted video conferencing platform to provide a unique set of tools and analytics that transform the virtual learning experience.

Improve Learner Engagement

Deliver a dynamic and personalized online learning experience to better engage learners with interactive screen sharing, highly collaborative sessions, and virtual whiteboards.

Facilitate Meaningful Collaboration

Provide the tools needed to share ideas and collaborate effectively with enhanced breakout rooms and integrations that make it possible to work simultaneously on shared documents.

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Streamline Course Setup & Delivery

Save time spent on administrative tasks, like preparing sessions and rostering learners, with course templates and a real-time integration with your LMS to sync rosters, content, and grades.

Leverage Analytics & Automation

Expand the reach of virtual offerings with interactive recordings, and demonstrate efficacy with data dashboards that report key automated metrics like session engagement and participation.

Class for Microsoft Teams

협업 모드

Increase active learning & participation

단순히 화면을 공유하는 데 그치지 않고 학습자가 공유 파일과 문서에 대해 라이브로 협업을 진행할 수 있습니다. 협업 기능을 사용하면 참가자들이 Class for Teams를 나가지 않고도 화이트보드와 같은 대화형 공유 콘텐츠에 실시간으로 액세스하여 편집할 수 있습니다.

학습 도구

Deliver powerful, engaging virtual sessions

웹 사이트, 파일, 동영상 등을 한곳에서 제공하여 학습자의 집중도와 참여도를 유지합니다. 강사는 퀴즈나 테스트를 제공하고, 투표를 실행하고, 학습 관리 시스템(LMS)에서 콘텐츠 가져오는 것을 비롯하여 다양하게 학습 도구를 활용할 수 있습니다.


Class for Microsoft Teams: The Next Generation Virtual Classroom

Wednesday, November 15, 11AM EST/4PM GMT (Americas, EMEA time zones)
Thursday, November 16, 12PM AEDT (APAC time zones)

Join Michael Chasen, founder and CEO of Class Technologies and Paige Johnson, VP of Education Marketing at Microsoft to discover how Microsoft and Class are teaming up to facilitate active learning, collaboration, and engagement in synchronous online classes and virtual instructor-led training in support of lifelong learning.

향상된 브레이크아웃 룸

Structure effective peer-to-peer learning opportunities

개인화되고 몰입도 높은 학습자 그룹 또는 강사-학습자 그룹을 위한 소규모 그룹 협업을 지원합니다. 향상된 브레이크아웃 룸을 통해 강사는 각 학급에 맞는 맞춤형 콘텐츠, 평가 등을 실행할 수 있습니다.

과정 분석

Leverage analytics to improve instruction

참여도, 대화 시간, 출석 등의 실시간 지표와 세션 분석 결과를 추적하고 보고합니다. 강사는 데이터 대시보드에서 과정의 효과를 측정 및 보고하고 강의 결과를 개선할 수 있습니다.


Class for Teams에 대해 자세히 알아보거나 데모를 요청하려면 어떻게 해야 합니까?

저희 팀은 항상 여러분의 의견을 기다립니다! 아래의 양식을 사용하여 Class for Teams 데모를 요청할 수 있습니다.

Class가 Microsoft와 협력하여 Class for Teams를 만든 이유는 무엇입니까?

Microsoft and Class have worked together to build Class for Teams, the next generation virtual classroom that leverages the audio and video capabilities of Microsoft Teams and is purpose-built for instruction.

With the release of Class for Teams, we can bring Class to even more organizations who are already using Teams, expand the impact of Class and improve teaching and learning for more individuals around the world.

Class for Teams와 Class for Zoom의 차이점은 무엇인가요?

Class has been exclusively built on Zoom since it was released in late 2020. Class for Teams offers a similar experience with many of the same features and functionalities that our customers love about Class–only now, we’ve built it on Microsoft Teams. 

We will continue to support Class on both Zoom and Teams.

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