Ongoing Live Training

Class for Zoom 101

Instructor Essentials (60 min)

Class holds ongoing live training sessions on a bi-weekly basis so you can join as needed throughout the course of the year. In Class for Zoom 101: Instructor Essentials, a 60-minute live training session, instructors will learn about the fundamentals of Class for Zoom, including topics like:

  • logging into Class
  • navigating the classroom
  • leveraging the Participants Panel
  • introduction to eLearning tools
Higher education product

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Additional Live Training Opportunities

Class for Zoom 101: Instructor Essentials is one of four ongoing live training sessions that Class offers. Other ongoing live training offerings include:

Instructors who complete all four (4) training sessions—including Class for Zoom 101, 102, 103, and 104—are eligible to earn their Class for Zoom Instructor certification.

instructor participating in Class for Zoom 101 training