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Redesign the Future of Education

Breathe life into learning with the
virtual platform built on Zoom

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Spark engagement, interaction, and connection with the virtual classroom built on Zoom.

We’re changing the virtual classroom:

  • Detailed insights into student engagement
  • Improved hands on and collaborative breakouts
  • Proctoring with live screen viewing
  • And more

Innovation That Drives Virtual Learning

Inspire Educator Potential

Empower educators with digital teaching opportunities that unlock recruitment, retention, and career pathing potential.

Driving Choice and Flexibility

Facilitate engaging student interactions by redesigning for choice and flexibility of path, place, and pace.

Leverage Virtual Innovation

Design and scale innovative virtual learning technology and practices that meet the needs of students and the community.

When we think about attendance, quizzes, system integration, and think about presenting students with class syllabus and any important documents, those are key features within Class that set it apart.

Tye Campbell, Director of Technology,
Gilman School

Redesign the Classroom

Breathe life into learning with the virtual platform built on Zoom.