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Personalize Virtual Tutoring with Class

Class is the platform extending the reach of tutoring programs and allowing for scaled impact


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Virtual Tutoring That Drives Recovery

Personalized Options

Research points to the need for small group, high-impact tutoring. With Class, schools can offer live, personalized tutoring at scale through features like enhanced breakout rooms and real-time class transcription.

Recruit from Anywhere

Administrators face challenges finding tutors. However, with the evolution of virtual tutoring, there are possibilities to expand and diversify the teaching pool while providing educators unique career opportunities.

Start Tutoring Now

Integrate virtual tutoring into your regular school schedule to ensure that the students who most need additional help are getting it. Virtual tutoring supported by Class is easy to implement and provides both educators and students flexibility.

Virtual tutoring powered by Class provides:

  • Detailed insight into engagement
  • Hands-on and collaborative breakout rooms
  • Proctoring with live screen viewing
  • Transcription for notes and reference
  • And more…
virtual tutoring

There is tremendous value in being able to meet with students, regardless of location.

Tye Campbell, Director of Technology, Gilman School