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Step 1: Getting started

Begin by setting up Class to prepare for facilitating engaging learning experiences.

Class Training Library

Use this script while completing the above training modules. Apply what you’ve learned within a practice course


Set Up Class in Your LMS

Set up and join classes from the Learning Management system once the Class LTI is integrated


Set Up Class From the Class App

Set up, manage, and join classes from the Class application


Invite Participants

Learn how to invite participants accessing outside of the LMS

Step 2: Navigating the classroom

Become a classroom expert by using different modes, settings, and features to smoothly navigate activities with ease.


Instructor Podium & Front of Room

Customize prominent spaces with ease in the classroom using Instructor Podium and Front of Room


Manage the Participant Panel

Manage participant engagement and participation from the participant panel


How to Chat in Class

Understand how the chat feature in Class can be utilized and customized for an interactive and engaging experience


Monitor Engagement With Seating Charts

Organize each classroom with various seating chart options to monitor interactivity of participants in a live session


Privacy Mode

Limit potential distractions and promote privacy at a participant’s discretion by enabling Privacy Mode


Record in Class

Record locally or to the cloud from any class to share and review session history


Submit a Support Ticket

Submit a support ticket to report a problem and ask for technical assistance

Step 3: Instructional delivery

Use different content sharing features to offer extra resources to participants and keep the classroom activity flowing smoothly.


Syllabus or Agenda

Post a schedule, agenda, or course outline to your Class with the Syllabus or Agenda feature



Utilize screen share with participants for an interactive session


Browse the Web & Play Video

Launch web pages and videos to instruct and deliver additional resources


Launch LMS Content in Class

Learn how to bring stored content from an LMS into Class using the Learning Management system teaching tool


Surveys & Polls

Ask questions and test participants’ knowledge in real-time using Surveys and Polls


Collaborate & Share Files

Launch files to the classroom and make them available for participants to download using Share Files

Step 4: Engagement tools

Use collaborative and administrative tools to smoothly manage the classroom and keep track of learner engagement.


Attendance & Dashboard

Track attendance and participation automatically as participants enter and interact in a session with the Attendance and Dashboard feature



Collaborate on a shared virtual canvas with multiple participants using Whiteboard. Learn how to use built-in tools for drawing and annotating


Breakout Rooms

Utilize breakout rooms to split participants into separate sessions for collaboration and discussion during a session

Step 5: Engaging Instructional Practices with Class

Use these practice scripts—alone or with peers—to test your Class knowledge.

Independent Practice

Class Training Library

Use this script while completing the above training modules. Apply what you’ve learned within a practice course

Preparing Your Session

A practice script for creating and preparing a new class

Group Practice

Scavenger Hunt

A practice script to put your Class feature knowledge to the test. Based on specific scenarios, identify which Class feature fits best the use case

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