Discover how Microsoft and Class are teaming up to facilitate active learning, collaboration, and engagement in synchronous online classes and virtual instructor-led training in support of lifelong learning.

Whether at school or the workplace, addressing the challenge of driving engagement and maintaining human connection in virtual learning environments has never been more critical. And the accelerated shift towards online and hybrid learning has made the need for video conferencing that is purpose-built for instructional settings even greater.

Introducing Class for Microsoft Teams, the next generation virtual classroom that facilitates active learning, collaboration, and engagement in online classes and virtual instructor-led training.

What to expect

This session is led by Michael Chasen, founder and CEO of Class Technologies and Paige Johnson, VP of Education Marketing at Microsoft. Michael and Paige discuss how learning is more relevant and impactful when personal connection is fostered.

Class for Microsoft Teams empowers institutions to reduce the friction of online instruction, while providing opportunities for learners to participate and engage with virtual instruction. This webinar includes a live demonstration and tips and tricks to help your organization create dynamic active learning experiences.

Meet the Speakers
Michael Chasen

Founder & CEO of Class Technologies

Paige Johnson

VP of Education Marketing at Microsoft

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