Connection in the workplace is critical, as revealed in a recent study from BetterUp, indicating that a significant portion of European workers yearn for more meaningful connections at work. In fact, 44% of workers surveyed admitted to lacking a sense of connection with their co-workers. When it comes to workforce development programs, the challenge of fostering engagement and preserving human connection has become more pressing than ever. The ongoing shift towards online and hybrid learning further underscores the demand for purpose-built video conferencing tailored for instructional settings.

Watch this webinar, in partnership with LPI—the Learning and Performance Institute—to learn more about strategies for facilitating active learning, fostering collaboration, and enhancing engagement in virtual instructor-led training sessions.

Discover how Class, the next generation virtual classroom solution, seamlessly integrates with Zoom and Microsoft Teams to alleviate the challenges associated with online instruction. Gain insights into reducing friction in virtual learning environments while creating opportunities for active participation and engagement. The webinar will feature a live demonstration, along with valuable tips and tricks to empower your organization in crafting dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

Key highlights of the webinar include:

  • Best practices for cultivating meaningful connections and fostering collaboration among learners and instructors
  • Techniques to enhance learner engagement in virtual classrooms
  • Guidelines for streamlining course setup and delivery, saving time and ensuring consistency across online sessions
  • Using data and analytics to inform course effectiveness
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