The pandemic reshaped the landscape of business, and L&D felt its impact profoundly. While traditional video conferencing solutions adeptly handle communication needs, the challenge lies in meeting the demands of experiential learning, particularly in soft skills development such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

These skills thrive on interactive, social engagement, making traditional in-person methods the preferred mode of delivery. However, with the rise of asynchronous learning management systems and the capabilities of video conferencing, there's an opportunity to bridge the gap between remote learning and in-person engagement.

In this webinar, conducted in partnership with ATD , we discuss the flexibility of asynchronous systems versus the social dynamics inherent in video conferencing, showcasing how a next generation virtual classroom can replicate the effectiveness of in-person training within an online environment.

Meet the Speakers
Marcia Nuffer

Founder, BlueShor Talent & Leadership Dev., Former CLO, Mckinsey & Co.

Ed Miller

SVP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Class

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