Using Class to Save Time and Seamlessly Deliver Virtual Instruction


“We’re always trying to be innovative, to make sure we provide the best tool for our customers, and I think that Class does the same thing really well.”

Schoox’s Karen Clem and Amy Drozd (Sr. Director Talent Development and Leadership Development Program Manager respectively), share how Class is their selected partner to deliver seamless, intuitive virtual instruction for their employees and customer base. As a people-first workplace learning management platform, Schoox appreciates how Class helps them:

  • Improve the internal learner experience and engagement: The primary focus at Schoox is to provide a smooth and engaging learning experience for their learners. They aim to eliminate technical issues and create a seamless experience, with the extra layer of technology being virtually invisible to learners. The facilitators value engagement and utilize Class’s features and access to metrics to adapt their facilitation methods and make learners feel comfortable and involved.
  • Saving time and creating consistency across courses and instructors: The use of templates in Class has significantly reduced preparation time—approximately 30 minutes per class—and ensured consistency in program delivery, regardless of the instructor, leading to a cohesive and reliable learning experience.

Schoox values a learner-centered approach and aims to provide the best learning experience to their employees, with Class playing a crucial role in achieving that goal.

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