Why is delivering personalized learning at scale important? As organizations face unprecedented change and volatility, the need to quickly and effectively reskill and upskill their workforce to meet new demands has dramatically increased.

To meet the challenges of unprecedented change and volatility, organizations need to rapidly and effectively upskill and reskill their workforces. However, most companies struggle to accomplish this. Businesses are moving too fast and the workforce is too busy, distracted, and dispersed for traditional training models to be completely effective.

Download this research summary from Class Technologies and Brandon Hall Group to understand the current state of upskilling and reskilling, the complexities of delivering personalized learning at scale, and the impact learning can have on employee performance and engagement.

This guide includes answers to critical questions that will position your workforce for success, including:

  • Is our learning strategy aligned with learner and organizational outcomes?
  • Which tools and technologies will help facilitate personalized learning at scale?
  • Do we apply learning and brain-science principles to our learning experience?
  • Are we properly leveraging the role of managers in the learning experience?
  • Are our learning development and delivery processes agile enough to keep up with the needs of the business?
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