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Today, I am pleased to share a significant milestone: Class is now generally available across all major platforms and operating systems. Whether users are connecting on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and Android Tablets, Class works seamlessly and easily for all instructors and learners alike.

This moment is an important one for our team, and for the future of education and training. 

Until now, our efforts have mostly been focused internally, as we’ve coded and fine tuned our product as quickly and meticulously as possible. We’re now able to shift our attention externally, focusing on helping institutions launch and implement Class, fueling the next wave of innovation in digital learning.

We’re working to change the way that the world learns. It’s an honor to be part of a journey full of the power, promise, and potential that lifelong learning offers us all.

Despite the challenges we’ve seen over the past year, it has been proven that with online learning, students have more control over the learning process, increasing learning retention rates by between 25% and 60%. We see this as an opportunity to advance the impact of virtual and hybrid learning even further. 

Institutions have realized that with effective technology and tools, teachers have the capability to not only reinforce engagement with their classroom, but to connect with even more students in a way that didn’t feel possible before the pandemic.

Beyond education, employers delivered nearly 3x more hours of training to employees in 2020 with an increase in virtual offerings. But perhaps the greatest opportunity for corporate learning is that employees view online training 54% less effective than in-person training. We expect Class will make a big impact here as well, bringing exciting, engaging, and enriching education experiences to corporate training delivered online.

We know how important learning and development is for companies of any size, and now that work from home and hybrid models are here to stay, solutions that deliver effective training for new and existing employees, regardless of location, are a key piece to the future success of any business. In a fast-paced world full of competition, Class is dedicated to helping academic and professional students change the way they learn for the better.

We’ve turned an important corner but there is much to be done to improve education and training for the better. If you want to join our team, we’re hiring! If you want to check out Class for your school, college, university, or corporation let us know.  

We’ll keep you updated as we continue this journey to change the way people learn for the better. Until then, we hope to see you in Class!

About Michael
Michael Chasen is the co-founder and CEO of Class. He is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to improving the way people live and learn through technology. Chasen also served as co-founder and CEO of Blackboard Inc., a pioneering edtech company with software used by over 20,000 institutions and millions of instructors and learners worldwide.