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Thank you to educators for all you do. You teach and inspire the future engineers, lineman, educators, doctors, actors… everyone! You make a difference in so many lives, even though some days may include hurdles and mountains.

This year we set out to celebrate educators all week long, and to do it in a big way, we needed the help of our social media network! We asked our followers to tell us about the special teachers in their lives so that we could help honor them by fulfilling their Amazon Wishlists. 

We were overwhelmed to receive over 600 incredible teacher nominees, which is a true testament to the legacy that teachers leave.

As we read through all of these heartwarming nominations, there were a few common themes: 

Teachers are life-changers

The work of teachers is inspirational 

Teachers are kind, caring professionals

Just some of our favorite quotes include:

“She loves her students with fervor and works hard every single day to bring success to her school family…”

“My kids are not easy. They come from trauma and unfortunately act out a lot. She never gave up on them…”

He has built an incredible sense of belonging and care within his classroom culture.  He always makes time to listen to students no matter how big or small their problem appears. “

Our honorees this week included:

Jessica Steffens, Mississippi

Edwin Spinks, Michigan

Riann Hand, Kansas

Hunter Seagroves, North Carolina

Jaclyn Lauterbach, Texas

Bianca Costanzo, New York

Nycole Marsh, Nevada

Congratulations to each of our honorees who received a fulfillment of their Amazon wish lists.

Thank you to everyone who nominated their favorite educator! Teachers truly are difference makers, and they work to change the world. We are thankful to be a part of an incredible week to honor them! 

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