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In this webinar co-hosted by D2L and Class, we hear from a panel of the companies’ edtech leaders on trends in online learning and the future direction of their partnership. The conversation is followed by a walk-through of the platform, demonstrating how to leverage their integration for virtual and hybrid learning at your institution.

Class and D2L Offer a Seamlessly Integrated Solution

With the new integration for Class and Brightspace, learners and instructors can work efficiently together in one learning environment. This offers a more cohesive, collaborative and high-impact experience for both virtual and hybrid instruction–supporting the increasing number of learners who want more online learning options, which has been reported as high as 76%.

Inspiration for the integration comes from online learning trends that seek improvements to learning design. As D2L’s Kenneth Chapman, VP of Learning Advocacy, explains in the webinar, today’s learning landscape has “created a more critical eye towards quality–and now we’re looking at a ‘new normal’, where students have greater sophistication in expectation for what their learning experience looks like.”

This ‘new normal’ in online learning aspires to, among other things, meet students where they are while not sacrificing quality. Kenneth further notes that an engineering mindset is required to re-think online learning systems–which can test hypotheses about what is working (and what is not) to ensure positive learning outcomes. This engineering mindset also helps the design of these systems stay responsive to learners’ evolving needs.

And while today’s learning design engineers new possibilities, Brightspace and Class’s integration offers unique advantages and supports new learning methods. These include data-driven approaches to student engagement and classroom management, dual synchronous and asynchronous functionality, and easy centralized content sharing under one platform.

“At the core of learning, content remains key,” remarks Ed Miller, SVP of Strategy and Business Development at Class. “Through API’s and leveraging LTI 1.3, our objective is to create access to content, regardless of whether you are creating and sharing from within Brightspace or from within Class. Working together, our teams are driving towards that objective. And they’re driving towards that in analytics too–because today you can analyze the efficacy of learning with content and analytics together, providing a 360-degree view of learner success.”

Integration Roadmap

In addition to the initial integrations and D2L offering the Class solution to their clients, the partnership will build towards an even more promising future. The collaboration roadmap includes a number of exciting features to meet the needs of today’s learners and instructors. These include:

  • Custom Integrations that enhance a seamless learning and teaching experience like calendars, rosters, attendance, grading–and more!
  • Embedded Tools from Brightspace in Class.
  • Learner Analytics that offer 360-degree views of the learner experience–which helps instructors and administrators leverage insights from this journey for learning outcome.
Watch the webinar at the link below and check out Class’s integration with Brightspace.

Watch the webinar here.