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This article was co-authored by Ace Sklar, Class Head of Security.

Privacy, Compliance and Data Security are a high priority at Class. We have taken a proactive step to ensure transparency, and build confidence and trust. Class is proud to introduce our “Trust Center,” available via a dedicated link on our website. The Class Trust Center offers a comprehensive collection of privacy, compliance, and security documents.  The Class Trust Center initiative was launched by the Class Head of Security, Ace Sklar with input from a number of other departments at Class, highlighting the importance of a collaborative and company-wide approach to data privacy and security.

What is the Class Trust Center?

The Class Trust Center is a one-stop-shop for everything related to data privacy and security on the Class platform. From our privacy policy, terms of service, GDPR compliance documentation, SOC 2 certification, FedRAMP documentation, to IT and Security policies, to more technical materials related to our security protocols, everything is housed in the Class Trust Center.

What does the Class Trust Center mean for you?

Transparency for stakeholders

You want assurance that the platform you’re using prioritizes user safety. The Trust Center makes it easier for stakeholders to find, understand, and assess the Class compliance protocols and policies.

Quick access

In the past, locating a company’s various policy documents could feel like a treasure hunt. With the Trust Center, Class is acknowledging the importance of quick and easy access to this vital information.

Building trust

By taking a transparent approach, Class is not just sharing information but also building trust.

Keeping pace with regulations

Regulations related to digital privacy and security, like GDPR or CCPA, are continuously evolving. A dedicated Trust Center ensures that Class can quickly update our Customers about compliance changes.

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What are the benefits a Trust Center?

Educational value

The Trust Center isn’t just a repository. It’s also an educational resource. Users can learn about best practices in digital privacy and understand how their data is used, stored, and protected.

Empowered decision-making

With all the information readily available, educators and administrators can make informed decisions about which tools to use in their teaching and learning environments.

Peace of mind

Knowing that Class is transparent about its practices can give Customers peace of mind and evidence that Class is complying with all applicable requirements.

Class is a committed partner

The Class Trust Center demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards for privacy, compliance, and data security. Software as a Service platforms are an integral part of the virtual learning landscape, and prioritizing transparency, security, and trust are at the forefront of our agenda. The Class Trust Center bridges the gap between technology and trust, ensuring a safer digital future.

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Tess Frazier is the Chief Compliance Officer at Class. She’s built her career in education technology and believes a strong compliance, data privacy, and security program benefits everyone.