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Delivering Engaging L&D Programs With Class

With a virtual and on-site staff, Schoox uses Class to create an engaging learning experience in their Learning and Development programs.



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The ChallengeConnecting remote and in-office learners

Schoox offers workplace learning software designed to keep learners curious and support career development from wherever work happens. With employees across the globe—working from both office locations and remotely—Schoox’s own Learning & Development team wanted to create a more engaging learning experience for their employees. As experts in learning technology, they needed a scalable solution to ensure their dispersed staff could develop new skills from anywhere while reducing the administrative burden that comes with a virtual training setup.

“We were looking for a tool to take us virtual,” begins Karen Clem, Senior Director of Talent Development at Schoox. “I wondered ‘What’s going to create an experience where people feel connected? How can we create learning experiences that aren’t one-size-fits-all?’ I was looking for something that could be individual for every learning need and create a connection so learning can truly happen.”

The SolutionEnsuring an engaging blended learning environment

After discovering Class, Karen knew she’d found the right online learning tool to deliver a more engaging learning experience for all Schoox employees. “We want to provide resources that allow our employees to seek out things that are going to fulfill, not just what’s going to help in their regular day job. We want people to chase their passions, be curious, and pursue excellence. As soon as I saw Class, I knew it could deliver the type of learning experience we’re looking for at Schoox.”

“It was hard sometimes to tell if our learners were engaged, so we really wanted to find a tool that could help us see if our learners were engaged,” explains Amy Drozd, Leadership Development Program Manager at Schoox. “With Class, we can see if people are engaged not just in our courses but also through dashboards and data.”

“Imagine your standard web conferencing tool. Now imagine it like it’s 2.0…Class is taking the virtual learning environment to another level that you can’t do with just your regular meeting tools.”
Karen Clem, Senior Director of Talent Development, Schoox
Engaging breakout rooms

“These aren’t just regular breakout rooms. I can see what’s happening. I can tell when people are talking. And I get such a better overview of the different activities. I can do so much more than with (video conferencing tools),” shares Karen.

“Templates have saved at least half an hour of prep time per class because I can have everything ready in about 5 minutes with Class,” says Karen.

“I love having the surveys appear right after and making sure they do it in Class. Previously, we’d send surveys but wouldn’t get that feedback because people don’t want to spend the time or they’d forget to do it. Now we get timely feedback that helps us constantly evolve our training,” notes Karen.

“We’re always trying to be innovative to make sure we provide the best tool for our customers. And I think that Class does the same thing really well. [They’re] constantly asking for our feedback, what features we would like to see, and what we could work on,” notes Amy.

The ResultIncreasing employee engagement from anywhere

By adding Class to their technology stack, Schoox can deliver a more engaging blended learning experience that supports all types of learners, improves the quality of their L&D programs, and supports a healthier business overall.

“Class really supports all of our learners wherever they are,” says Amy. “It helps us serve our entire diverse population, and it supports our innovative culture by allowing us to provide the best tool for our customers. We’re growing a lot as a company, and Class empowers us to offer more courses to more people, so our L&D program can scale alongside the business.”

“People are able to truly connect,” concludes Karen. “At our leadership bootcamp, people said, ‘I’m able to create more connections because we can create experiences in a different way.’ The ability to meet learners where they are, meet our diverse needs in diverse ways—that supports who Schoox is as a culture. We’re able to create just so many better experiences through Class.”

With Class, Schoox is:

Creating deeper connections

“The difference between Class and other platforms is really the way learners are able to connect and the way facilitators can stay connected to what’s going on,” shares Amy.

Improving consistency in L&D programs

“Class Templates help us create consistency for our learners. We know that if I’m not available to teach that session that day, someone else can step in and our learners are going to get the same experience,” boasts Amy.

Achieving immediate ROI

“Class empowers learning from anywhere at any time. We shifted courses for salespeople to the start of a quarter so they can focus on closing new deals at the end of the quarter. We have that flexibility now. The business is able to save a lot of money from that,” says Karen.

Ready to see what Class can do for your organization?

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