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Spark Teacher Potential

Cultivate next-generation teachers, energized by career opportunities that combine teaching passion with technical expertise.

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Empower Teachers Wherever They Are

Great teaching knows no boundaries. Recruit, grow, and retain the 21st century teacher with new possibilities for specialization and flexibility.

Showcase Teaching Talent

Set teachers up for success with a virtual classroom that serves as a stage, not a barrier.

  • Bring all teaching tools together in a single virtual classroom
  • Create course templates that can be customized to the needs of each class
  • Eliminate administrative work with automated attendance, participation, and even grading

Expand Career Possibilities

Recruit and retain the very best teachers—no matter where they’re located—and provide them with opportunities to grow and specialize.

  • Cultivate new career paths for teachers who want to specialize in virtual
  • Allow subject specialists to expand geographic reach
  • Offer flexible and part-time arrangements to teachers who need them

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Learn more from senior academic technologist Robert O’Toole about rehumanizing video conferencing.

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Explore the benefits of offering a virtual academy and getting started in The Future is Virtual: 5 Considerations for Launching a Virtual Academy.

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K-12 Director of Technology, Tye Campbell, shares how the Gilman School in Baltimore is building Class into their strategy.

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