We have a remarkable opportunity for change in the wake of the pandemic, to take the best of online teaching with us into the future and create online classrooms that are more equitable, inclusive, engaging, and, yes, more successful.

In this interactive session, Christina Katopodis, one of the world’s foremost innovators in higher education and coauthor with Cathy N. Davidson of The New College Classroom (Harvard University Press, 2022), moderates a panel about inspiring, effective, and inclusive online teaching at the college level.


  • Participate in an interactive exercise modeling active learning
  • Explore teaching strategies that anyone can quickly and effectively adapt to any online course
  • Learn empirically driven, classroom-tested active learning techniques that have achieved results online and in mixed-modal settings at community colleges.
  • Build on teaching skills and methods that bring transformation into higher education with students at the center

Learn more about how to drive active learning in online synchronous classrooms. Read the article.

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