According to a Deloitte Insights study, 48% of American workers would be willing to pursue a new job if offered skills training opportunities. What does this mean for government employees and how can agencies address the training and development needs of government employees?

Watch our panel conversation with Carahsoft (host), Zoom, and CoSo Cloud as they reflect on some of the challenges government agencies face and how they can create a flexible learning environment that includes remote and hybrid options. Panelists share how Class, utilizing CoSo’s Secure Private Cloud, now delivers a FedRAMP-impact level 2 authorized collaborative learning solution to support your agency’s mission.

In this webinar playback, we explore these themes and more:

  • Reflecting on the Federal Learning and Development market
  • Sharing best practices to increase employee and citizen engagement
  • Delivering FedRAMP-level security to support your agency’s mission
  • Experiencing collaborative learning with a live Class demonstration
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