Class for Microsoft Teams

“Microsoft is a platform company and the power of Microsoft is through our partnerships. Class for Microsoft Teams is a game changer that allows institutions to extend their usage of Microsoft 365 and transform how learning is delivered online.”
– Paige Johnson, VP of Education Marketing, Microsoft

Class for Microsoft Teams seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and adds a unique set of capabilities and analytics that transform the virtual learning experience.

With Class for Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Improve learner engagement by delivering a dynamic and personalized online learning experience with interactive screen sharing, highly collaborative sessions, and virtual whiteboards.
  • Facilitate meaningful collaboration by providing the tools to share ideas and collaborate effectively with enhanced breakout rooms and integrations that make it possible to work simultaneously on shared documents.
  • Leverage analytics & automation to expand the reach of virtual offerings with interactive recordings, and demonstrate efficacy with data dashboards that report key automated metrics like session engagement and participation.

Request a demo to learn more about Class for Microsoft Teams and the next generation virtual classroom.

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