Creating and maintaining vibrant online learning communities in higher education is critical to student success and institutional growth. In a survey conducted by Tyton Partners, 58% of students stated that timely feedback and peer collaboration—both elements of community and connection—were essential for their success in online learning environments.

Watch this webinar to get a deeper understanding of the strategies behind effective policy-making and resource distribution that support such communities. Discover how you, as higher education leaders, can spearhead initiatives that foster inclusivity, engagement, and a dynamic online presence.

Key highlights of the webinar include:

  • Crafting Effective Strategies: Explore actionable frameworks that promote a cohesive digital campus culture.
  • Leadership's Impact: Uncover the transformative role of VPs and Directors in cultivating engaging online communities that empower both faculty and students.
  • Best Practices in Action: Hear from peers who have led their institutions in successfully merging the online and in-person experience, strengthening the sense of community.
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