Watch this webinar, conducted in partnership with Inside Higher Ed, to learn more about the strategies that institutional leaders and practitioners can employ to develop online and blended courses and programs that place paramount importance on student success.

Key highlights of the webinar include:

  • Current data regarding student participation and outcomes in online education, including identifying which student demographics excel in specific modalities.
  • Exploring the instructional techniques and student support mechanisms adopted by colleges to enhance engagement and promote persistence among online learners.
  • Addressing obstacles that may hinder learners from attaining their educational objectives.
Meet the Speakers
Evie Cummings, Ed.D.

Strategic Leader and Experienced Higher Ed Administrator

Karen Cangialosi, Ph.D.

Director, Every Learner Everywhere Network

Kizito Mukuni, Ph.D.

Director of Online Education, Fayetteville State University

Justin C. Ortagus, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Director, Institute of Higher Education, University of Florida

Colleen Flaherty

Editor, Student Voice, Inside Higher Ed

Doug Lederman

Co-founder and Editor, Inside Higher Ed

Jason Bedford

Senior VP of Education, Class

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