Laurel Springs School:
Building Community through Engagement

“There’s a feeling of actually being in class, even though they’re on video feed.”

Laurel Springs School is an online, accredited K- 12 private school with a historically asynchronous learning tradition. They use Class to enrich their existing virtual program to build connections and foster a sense of belonging between students, teachers, and administrators.

Renée Mindek, Dean of Student Engagement at Laurel Springs School, shares how they use Class to build relationships, support teachers, and increase student engagement.

Class helped:

  • Form meaningful student relationships
  • Provide an easy-to-use platform teachers found intuitive
  • Track student attendance, participation, and talk time to improve outcomes
  • Amplify delivery and dialogue of student voices and perspectives

Check out the Laurel Springs Case Study for more of their insights, feedback, and pilot implementation strategy!

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