Higher education leaders are increasingly charged with leading innovation efforts for their universities and systems.

The rapidly evolving landscape has given rise to specialized roles—from Chief Digital Transformation Officers to Vice Provosts and Chancellors for Academic Innovation. But how are these titles and the individuals behind them designing structures that advance innovation toward student success and steer their institutions through unprecedented technological changes? What are these leaders actually responsible for, and how have their portfolios evolved? What barriers do the individuals in these roles face?

In this webinar, conducted in partnership with Inside Higher Education, we host a panel of prominent higher education leaders and the creators of the Leading Academic Change National Survey 2.0 to gather fresh insights that will advance academic innovation leadership across universities.

Meet the Speakers
Cait Hayward, Ph.D.

Director, Research & Analytics, the University of Michigan

Melissa Vito, Ed.D.

Vice Provost, Academic Innovation, the University of Texas at San Antonio

Edward Maloney, Ph.D.

Executive Director, CNDLS, Georgetown University

Adam Croom

Senior VP of Academic Innovation, the University of Oklahoma

Anne Keough Keehn

CEO & Founder, Quantum Thinking

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