"What I like most about Class is that it's more student-focused and student-centered than any of the other web conferencing tools."

Miami Dade College shares how Class helps them provide an engaging, online program that fosters active participation and seamless curriculum delivery for their vast student body, spanning eight multiple campuses.

  • Improved student engagement: Class offers diverse engagement tools like polling and collaborative whiteboards, enhancing student participation and accountability. It provides instructors with means to monitor engagement and create effective online learning environments.
  • Efficient integration and management: Class's integration with the Canvas LMS simplified course management, centralizing resources and streamlining administrative tasks such as attendance tracking. This allowed instructors to focus more on teaching and student interaction.

MDC values a learner-centered approach to higher education and aims to provide the best learning experience to their virtual learners, with Class playing a crucial role in achieving that goal. Read their full success story here.

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