Watch this video to learn how the Class virtual platform redesigns the future of learning and enhances K12 education.

According to Instructure’s 2022 State of Teaching and Learning in K-12 Education report, 81% of teachers struggle with remote learning engagement. And while student engagement online remains a top priority for K-12 teachers, administrators, and leaders, Class is here to help.

To increase learning engagement and student collaboration, we offer a platform with a suite of integrated teaching and learning tools to help your students get the most out of their education–and make your virtual classroom a place they want to learn.

In this video, learn highlights of what Class offers teachers and students. That means:

  • Maintaining teacher and presenter visibility on-screen
  • Delivering integrated and engaging digital content
  • Facilitating group collaboration
  • Monitoring student progress live
  • Driving student success with learner data
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