Online and hybrid learning continue to be one of the most significant growth areas in higher education, propelled by the pandemic and students’ desire for flexibility. As this digital learning transformation unfolds, student preferences and expectations are evolving, making this a necessary time to revisit teaching and learning strategies through a fresh lens.

According to a Student Voice survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse, 85% of students believe that they should have at least some input regarding the technological investments that the institution makes. Involving college students in decisions about their learning is essential to building trust.

In this webinar, a panel of students weighs in on their experiences as consumers of technology on campus and what they believe the next generation of online and hybrid learning should look like.

Key themes in this discussion include:

  • Student preferences for online or hybrid learning
  • Ideas for creating an engaging student experience
  • The perceived value of online and hybrid learning
  • Next-gen ideas for the continued transformation of higher education
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