The Future of Learning with EdTech Founders Michael Chasen and John Baker

From its humble beginnings as a support for in-person learning to becoming a provider for asynchronous online courses and now delivering seamlessly integrated synchronous and asynchronous learning environments, edtech and the people and processes that support it continue to evolve.

Together for the first time, hear from two of edtech and learning technology trailblazers, John Baker, founder of D2L, and Michael Chasen, CEO of Class Technologies and co-founder and CEO of Blackboard. They will reflect on how edtech has evolved since its inception, the path forward, and how institutions and the technology that support them must adapt to meet the needs and growing demand for online learning.

Key questions in this discussion include:

  • What inspired the creation of the Learning Management System (LMS)?
  • How did the pandemic impact the direction and development of edtech?
  • What were the lessons learned from the scaling of D2L, Blackboard and Class?
  • How do we see the future of online learning?

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