The Future of Learning with Ms. Sutherd - Episode 4: Braydon Moreno

About Episode 3:
This week Ms. Sutherd sits down with Braydon Moreno. He is the Co-Founder at Robo 3D, the Director of Stem at Boxlight, and featured in Forbes 30 under 30. His passion is making STEM accessible to all learners and introducing new, hands on approaches to learning.

In this episode, you’ll hear how he started his company from the ground up (technically the dining room table), how 3D printing can easily be used in the classroom, inspirational stem stories from real classrooms, and his vision for how education can and needs to change in the years to come.

Instagram: @robo3d
LinkedIn: @braydonmoreno

About The Future of Learning Series:
In the Future of Learning series, teacher-in-residence Ms. Sutherd interviews thought leaders in education to hear their biggest takeaways of how learning is forever changed.