As technology continues to revolutionize education, virtual academies have emerged as key players in addressing longstanding challenges that K-12 leaders often face. From teacher shortages to budget constraints, these online programs can offer innovative solutions—and understanding their potential is essential for educators navigating today’s educational landscape.

In this webinar, conducted in partnership with EdWeek, our panel of K-12 leaders explores a multitude of real-world use cases and firsthand accounts, demonstrating how virtual learning has emerged as a viable and robust solution to common challenges that K-12 schools and districts encounter, including:

  • Addressing teacher shortages and fostering educator support
  • Mitigating inequities in course offerings and expanding access to comprehensive curriculum options
  • Harnessing the potential of virtual platforms for Career and Technical Education (CTE), Advanced Placement (AP), as well as dual enrollment and world languages
  • Navigating the complexities of tightening budgets and rising academic costs while maintaining educational quality
  • Strategizing effective allocation of resources for student services and support systems to ensure holistic student development
Meet the Speakers
Dr. Sharon Shewbridge

Director of Instructional Technology, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Kristen Disney, M.Ed

Managing Director of Specialty Courses, Epic Charter Schools

Jill Rogier, M.Ed.

Head of Schools, ASU Prep Digital

Shelby Jones

Director of K12, Class Technologies

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