“As soon as we started testing it out and started experiencing the system, both as a student and as an instructor, we realized very quickly that the anxiety that a lot of new users feel goes away because you feel like you’re in a classroom, you feel like you’re with your group. You feel like you have a community there, and everything that you need is in one place.”

Becky Henderson, Distance Learning Supervisor at Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 7 in Pennsylvania, shares why providing reliable, easy-to-use technology is important to student—and educator—success in virtual learning environments.

  • Learners want technology that works. When technology doesn’t work or isn’t easy to use, it disrupts learning. Students shouldn’t be distracted by what button to push, where to find class materials, or their instructor struggling to share the right screen. Class is built with student learning at its core, providing the easy-to-use technology that students need to be able to focus on their success with their classmates.
  • Educators need technology that is intuitive. They need to be able to easily prepare and share materials, just like they would in a physical classroom. Time spent clicking through browser tabs, bookmarks, and documents is time not spent on instruction. With everything in one place and easy to find, educators can focus on what matters: keeping their students learning and engaged. Class provides teaching tools that lessen anxiety and foster collaboration.
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