“When we’re looking at the future of education, we need to prepare for every class that we offer our students to be face-to-face, virtual, and blended. And I think Class fits into that because it can bridge the gap, and it can be used in all of those scenarios.”

Virtual learning will increasingly become an important part of education as we move into the future. As families and districts continue to consider the best fit for their students, school choice isn’t going to be limited to the physical location of where they attend school but how they consume instruction and how they learn.

Becky Henderson, Distance Learning Supervisor at Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 7 in Pennsylvania, shares how they use Class to make virtual instruction a seamless experience for their students, educators, and administrators:

  • Students have more control over their learning environment. Students can easily access class materials and resources directly within Class, without having to search through multiple websites or folders. They are able to interact at their own comfort level—like chatting with just the instructor instead of sending messages to the whole group—helping them to grow socially, emotionally, and academically at their pace.
  • Teachers are empowered to focus on honing their instructional skills in a virtual learning environment. With Class, WIU7 makes virtual instruction a seamless experience that enables educators to prepare for and provide quality learning, just like they would in a physical classroom.
  • Administrators have the oversight that comes within the system. With a click, they can access user analytics—like talk time—and check attendance to ensure each student is meeting their potential.
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