A recent Gallup study found that only 33 percent of U.S. employees felt engaged at work, and another study revealed that engaged employees can lead to 21% more profitability for a business. So while it’s clear that employee engagement is critical to an organization's health, many don’t think of virtual training and professional development programs as avenues to influence and increase employee engagement—and, ultimately, profitability.

Here are two success stories from actual Class customers who have used our next-generation virtual classroom to create and deliver engaging virtual trainings that help employees reach their full potential and drive overall business success.

Delivering virtual trainings that feel like in-person and drive retention

When Premier America Credit Union shifted from in-person training to a virtual setting, it became clear that their traditional video conferencing setup wasn’t delivering the engaging learning experience they required. “There are lots of tools out there that facilitate meetings, but they’re not really great tools when it comes to conducting training or keeping attendees accountable,” says Shelley Tam, SVP Chief People Officer.

“We realized that Class was the solution for us because it really imitated how it would be in an instructor-led environment in the credit union industry,” recalls Chris Ritcher, the company’s Manager of Organizational Development. “There’s a lot of hands-on training with the different types of systems, lending systems, deposit systems. So it really mirrored that.”

By adding Class to their technology stack, Premier America delivers a more engaging virtual learning experience that supports the whole employee, improves the quality of their courses, and positions the overall business as an employer of choice.

“Class not only allows our trainers to be more effective at delivering the content, but it also holds our attendees accountable for actually participating,” concludes Shelley. “Our team members have really embraced being able to be trained remotely because they appreciate the fact that they don’t have to sit in traffic, and it helps them with scheduling for childcare. They just really appreciate that flexibility and the fact that we’ve considered their needs, which is beyond a work need. As part of our goal of being an employer of choice, we want to make sure that we focus on the whole team member, not just the person in front of me today and the work that they’re going to do for me, but also what makes up that particular team member. Their families, their circumstances, where they live. So the more flexibility that we can provide for our team members, I believe that that’s again a differentiator for us in creating an employer of choice and will lead to long-term retention.”

To learn more about Premier America Credit Union's experience with Class, read their full success story here.

Creating an engaging learning and development experience

With employees across the globe—working from both office locations and remotely—Schoox’s Learning and Development team wanted to create a more engaging, scalable learning experience for their employees. “We were looking for a tool to take us virtual,” begins Karen Clem, Senior Director of Talent Development at Schoox. “We want to provide resources that allow our employees to seek out things that are going to fulfill, not just what’s going to help in their regular day job. We want people to chase their passions, be curious, and pursue excellence. As soon as I saw Class, I knew it could deliver the type of learning experience we’re looking for at Schoox.”

“It was hard sometimes to tell if our learners were engaged, so we really wanted to find a tool that could help us see if our learners were engaged,” explains Amy Drozd, Leadership Development Program Manager at Schoox. “With Class, we can see if people are engaged not just in our courses but also through dashboards and data.”


“People are able to truly connect,” concludes Karen. “At our leadership bootcamp, people said, ‘I’m able to create more connections because we can create experiences in a different way.’ The ability to meet learners where they are, meet our diverse needs in diverse ways—that supports who Schoox is as a culture. We’re able to create just so many better experiences through Class.”

Read Schoox's full success story here.

Discover the power of Class firsthand

From upskilling and reskilling programs to leadership development to compliance training, Class delivers a more engaging learning experience that supports all types of learners, improves the quality of L&D programs, and supports a healthier business overall. Reach out to a Class team member today to discover how Class can help your organization create and deliver more engaging virtual training programs at scale.

Mike Lovell

Mike Lovell is the SVP of Marketing at Class. He has dedicated his career to technology and the applications that can innovate the way people live and learn.

Mike Lovell

Mike Lovell is the SVP of Marketing at Class. He has dedicated his career to technology and the applications that can innovate the way people live and learn.

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