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The next generation virtual classroom

class product showing a quiz, learning tools, and popped out participant panel

See what’s new

Class is announcing exciting updates to our product with the release of Class 2.0, the next generation virtual classroom. Our new user experience has an improved interface and simplified navigation to help you organize and manage your virtual learning sessions. Read more to learn about the following updates:

See what’s new with Class 2.0

Bottom Toolbar

All your tools and controls together in one place

We’ve simplified our interface to make frequently used tools and controls easier to navigate and access by grouping them all into the toolbar at the bottom of the application. You’ll also find new and improved tools, like Learning Tools and Collaborate, in this toolbar.

Learning Tools

The tools you know now in a new location

We’ve combined many of the tools that were previously in Teaching Tools and Class Management into a single menu item, Learning Tools, in the toolbar at the bottom of the application.

The Learning Tools panel is located in the sidebar below the instructor podium, but can also be opened in a separate window (see Flexible Layouts below).

  • Assignments
  • Assessments/Quizzes/Tests
  • Polling
  • Surveys
  • Learning Management System
  • Syllabus
  • Class Roster
  • Attendance
  • Dashboard
  • Gradebook
  • Instructor Guides


New feature to increase active learning

Instructors can go beyond screen share to enable learners to collaborate live on shared documents, with new integration capabilities including Google Docs and Microsoft Office. With the Collaborate tool, you can manage document access for participants within Class, including allowing all participants to view or even edit a document at any point during class and revoking access once the activity is over.

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Office
  • Files
  • Web Pages
  • Whiteboards
  • Videos


More space to share even more content

Tabs now stretch across the full width of the screen, giving you space to share and access more content in a given session. Now participants can navigate between even more resources, files, web pages, and more to create an active and engaging learning environment.

Reactions menu & emojis

New emojis and permissions added

Class has always enabled students to share reactions with the whole class, while reserving specific emojis for feedback that only the instructors and presenters could see. We have now expanded this function to include a wider array of reactions and emojis—all of which can be shared with everyone in the class or directly with instructors and presenters.

Flexible layouts

Updates to interface for improved functionality

Looking for more space to display content? Want to move Learning Tools to the other side of your screen? Need to view the Participants panel and Chat at the same time? Our new flexible layouts let you do all of these things, and more!

The sidebar can now be opened in a new window, and multiple sidebar tools can even be opened at the same time. You can also open the participants in the Front of Room in a new window, giving you more space to view course content.

What’s new

New in-app guided tour to highlight updates

While we design our updates to improve the user experience and make Class easier to use, we realize that sometimes change is hard. We’ve added an in-app guided tour to walk through highlighted changes that come with product release cycles.


What is included in the Class 2.0 release?

This new experience incorporates the following key features:

  • Learning Tools is now a single side panel menu item that includes what was previously Teaching Tools and Class Management in one place for easy access. The Learning Tools button can be found on the toolbar on the bottom of the application.
  • Collaborate feature lets instructors launch documents for the class to work on together, including Google Docs and MS Office 365. The Collaborate feature also now incorporates several other features that were previously found in the Teaching Tools menu including Whiteboard, Browse the Web, Play Video, and Share Files. The Collaborate button can be found on the toolbar at the bottom of the application.
  • Reactions menu and emojis – Participants have the option to share ALL emojis with everyone or limit visibility to only instructors and presenters. We’ve also added a few emojis to our menu, including 😲 (astonished), 🙄 (rolling-eyes), and 🎉 (party-popper).
  • Flexible UI Layouts – Participants will have the option to open the sidebar, typically anchored under the podium, in a new window. This means that multiple sidebar menus can now be viewed at the same time. Tabs now also go across the full width of the screen to increase the ability to share and access content. In addition, when viewing a shared screen or content, participants will also be able to open the gallery view in a new floating window.

How can I request a demo of Class to learn more about this release?

Our team would love to talk to you! You can schedule a demo with our team at

Which of these features will be available on each of the supported platforms?

  • Collaborate, Tabs, Flexible Layouts, and updates to Learning Tools are available on Class for Mac and Windows, and will be coming soon on Class for Web.
  • Launching Google Docs will be available on Class for Mac and Windows by the end of July, and will be coming soon on Class for Web.
  • Launching Microsoft Office documents is available on Class for Mac only, and will be coming soon for Class for Windows and Class for Web.
  • Viewing Google Docs and Microsoft Office documents is supported on all platforms.