Redesign the Future of Learning

Spark engagement, interaction, and connection with the virtual classroom platform built on Zoom.

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A new vision of equitable education


Redesign for Choice and Flexibility

Inspire and engage students by redesigning for choice and flexibility of path, place, and pace. Adapt the system and structure to support the learner.

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Maximize Virtual Effectiveness

Design and scale innovative virtual learning technology and practices that meet the needs of students and the community.

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Spark Teacher Potential

Empower educators with digital teaching opportunities that leverage technology skills, unlock instructor capacity, and open recruitment, retention, and career pathing potential.

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Add teaching and learning tools to Zoom

Add teaching and learning tools to Zoom

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Maximize Engagement

Deliver engaging lessons and a connected learning experience for students.

  • Put teachers and presenters at the front of the room
  • Raise hands and provide feedback to teachers or the whole class
  • Make small group work productive with enhanced breakout rooms

Enable Effective Instruction

Focus on personalized teaching, not technology, with integrated teaching tools.

  • Share resources, videos, polls and more without leaving the Class platform
  • Create and grade in-class assignments, assessments, quizzes, and tests
  • Connect to learning management systems and other instructional platforms
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Manage the Classroom

Spend more time connecting with students with classroom management tools.

  • Take attendance automatically and record over time
  • Support all learners with views that track hand raise, participation, and non-verbal feedback
  • Ensure a safe learning environment with student verification, privacy views, and other customizable backgrounds

Measure Success

Use data to measure student participation and improve teaching.

  • Grade and record formative assessments, quizzes, and tests in an integrated gradebook
  • Conduct high-stakes assessments in a proctored environment
  • Generate holistic reports that include attendance, participation, and achievement all in one place
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K12 student using Class on a laptop


How Class Rehumanizes and Improves Virtual Learning


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Add teaching & learning tools to Zoom

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