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Redesign Learning for Choice and Flexibility

Learning is no longer subject to time and place. Class lets students learn synchronously and digitally giving them access to the teachers and tools that spark engagement, interaction, and connection wherever they access learning.

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Equitable Education for the Modern Learner

Advances in technology and practice now allow learning to happen anywhere, any time—without sacrificing the rigor and relationships of robust instruction. Now is the time to adapt the system and structure to support the learner and drive performance.

Flexible Learning for the 21st Century

Move beyond the traditional confines of time and place to provide educational opportunities that meet student needs.

  • Meet the social and emotional health needs of students when physical classrooms are not the right option
  • Expand access to learning opportunities and develop 21st-century skills
  • Support families who want more involvement in student learning

Virtual Learning Around an Instructional Core

Elevate online learning experiences and embrace an instructional core that connects students, teachers, and high-quality academic content.

  • Imagine new models of online and hybrid blended educational experiences
  • Re-establish critical relationships between students and passionate educators
  • Rethink how students, teachers, and content connect around instructional tasks

Participating in virtual learning for some of our students who are black, indigenous and people of color actually makes them feel more comfortable and they feel like they can be their authentic selves as well as actually engage in learning in their safe space.

Dr. Gregory Hutchings, Alexandria City High School

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