The Future of Learning with Ms. Sutherd - Episode 1: Dr. Zeisner

About Episode 1:
In this episode of the Future of Learning, teacher-in-residence Ms. Sutherd had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Catherine Zeisner. You may have seen her on TikTok, where she provides comedic relief and thought-provoking insight to educators. 

Dr. Zeisner is a former teacher and principal, and is now a professor at Gonzaga University. Her passion to create change in education shines through in everything she does. She pushes educators to transform the future of learning by challenging the status quo.

Twitter: @PrincipalZed
TikTok: @drzeisner
Pinterest: @czeisner

About The Future of Learning Series:
In the Future of Learning series, teacher-in-residence Ms. Sutherd interviews thought leaders in education to hear their biggest takeaways of how learning is forever changed.

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