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Class for Texas Schools & Districts


Yes, I Want a Demo

Discover how schools and districts in Texas are reimagining the future of education with Class – the real-time virtual classroom built on Zoom.

Class users love:

  • Detailed insight into engagement
  • Templates to scale quality sessions
  • Seamless content distribution
  • Better hands-on and collaborative breakouts
  • Real-time monitoring of feedback, chat, and breakouts
  • Proctoring with live screen viewing
  • Transcription for notes and reference
  • And more
virtual tutoring

TEA Approach to Virtual Learning:

  • Asynchronous Instruction: Does not require all participants to be virtually present at the same time.
    • Examples: Self-paced online courses with intermittent teacher instruction, preassigned work with formative assessments on paper or in LMS, watching pre-recorded videos of instruction with guided support.
  • Synchronous Instruction: Requires all participants to be present at the same time, virtually
    • Examples: Live interactive classes with students and teachers participating realtime, teacher-supported work time on video conference calls, scheduled and timed online tests

With Class, these approaches become a simple and easy option to implement.