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Higher education faculty and instructors are using Class to track student engagement, facilitate group discussion, monitor participation, and more—all on Zoom.

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How we help higher education


Maximize Engagement

Provide an interactive, connected learning experience with tools to track focus and provide feedback.


Manage Courses

Grade assignments, take attendance, and facilitate discussions—all without leaving Zoom.


Improve Instruction

Personalize learning in dynamic and engaging ways, such as site-sharing and displaying videos.


Measure Contribution

Track and report on course metrics, including participation and speaking time, by student or the entire class.

Add teaching and learning tools to Zoom

Add teaching and learning tools to Zoom

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Maximize Engagement

Class allows you to deliver engaging lectures and a connected learning experience for learners in the virtual classroom.

  • Class puts you at the front of the screen in the Instructor Podium (shown here) so students can follow along
  • The Focus Tracking feature shows when students don’t have Class as their primary app, allowing you to redirect their attention back to the course material

Manage Courses

Class makes course management easier with features designed to save time so you can focus on instruction.

  • Automatically take Attendance (shown here), which can be tracked over time and shared back to your LMS
  • Course data—including talk time, grades, and participation—are reported through the Dashboard for learning insights and intervention identification
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Improve Instruction

With Class, you have access to tools that help you teach the way you would in a physical classroom.

  • The Proctor View allows you to test confidently online and provide personalized support to learners
  • Assignments can be easily created, delivered, and automatically graded in Class, with due dates ranging from in-class to a future date

Measure Contribution

Class allows you to monitor participation, including contribution and speaking time, across groups or by individual student.

  • The Dashboard (shown here) details everything from attendance to participation at a class summary level or by student
  • Monitor measures like Talk Time to assess how long students are speaking in class, how often they raise their hand for help, and more
  • Generate holistic reports that include attendance, participation, and achievement all in one place
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Add teaching & learning tools to Zoom

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