Bring Human Connection to the Virtual World

Breathe life into learning with the virtual platform built on Zoom.

Bring Human Connection to the Virtual World

Breathe life into learning with active experiences that foster meaningful connections.

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Connected Learning That Drives Impact

Restore Human Connection

Facilitate the shared experiences and real-time conversations that create meaningful 1:1 and group connections.

Activate Learner Curiosity

Bring people together in active learning experiences that spark curiosity and inspire participants to build and practice new skills.

Unlock Instructor Potential

Let your facilitators do what they do best—create context and connection—with integrated tools that bring virtual learning to life.

Connect and Collaborate
Connect and Collaborate

Create moments of intentional connection. Take breakouts to the next level with experiences and opportunities for collaboration that can be customized for individual groups.

  1. Enhanced breakout rooms
  2. Group, peer-peer, and participant-facilitator chat
  3. One-to-one video conversations
Captivate the Audience
Captivate the Audience

Let facilitators focus on people, not technology, with tools that provide real-time feedback and enable personalized interactions with participants.

  1. Visual sort by participation or non-verbal cues
  2. Birds-eye view of breakout room activity
  3. One-to-one sidebars with participants
Bring Content to Context
Bring Context to Content

Move beyond passive screen-sharing presentations and keep participants focused with seamless integration of content and tools—without leaving the Class environment.

  1. Share web-based resources
  2. Conduct polls and surveys
  3. Collaborate live on documents
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Create Connections in the Moments That Matter

Employee Onboarding

Cultivate community and belonging with inclusive experiences that connect to your culture.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Advance corporate learning with live experiences where participants learn from peers and experts.

Manager Effectiveness

Elevate leadership skills in a safe environment with opportunities for practice and real-time feedback.

Customer Onboarding

Accelerate success with customized experiences that connect your experts and your customers in real time.

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Bring Human Connection to the Virtual World

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