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Breathe life into learning with the virtual platform built on Zoom.

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Live learning centered around human interactions


Connected Learning Experiences

Easily connect your learners with their peers. Share the content and tools you already use for live experiential learning.


Seamlessly Create and Facilitate

Create and schedule courses at scale with templates. Use real-time participation metrics to focus on your learners and not technology.


Insights and Integrations

Automate attendance and demonstrate value with engagement reporting. Send data securely via APIs. Integrate with your LMS, HRIS, and SSO.

Add learning and development tools to Zoom

Add learning and development tools to Zoom

product breakout room

Connect and Collaborate

Create moments of intentional connection. Take breakouts to the next level with experiences and opportunities for collaboration that can be customized for individual groups.

  • Enhanced breakout rooms
  • Group, peer-peer, and participant-facilitator chat
  • One-to-one video conversations

Captivate the Audience

Let facilitators focus on people, not technology, with tools that provide real-time feedback and enable personalized interactions with participants.

  • Visual sort by participation or non-verbal cues
  • Birds-eye view of breakout room activity
  • One-to-one sidebars with participants
product breakout room
product video

Bring Context to Content

Move beyond passive screen-sharing presentations and keep participants focused with seamless integration of content and tools—without leaving the Class environment.

  • Share web-based resources
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Collaborate live on documents

Create connections in the moments that matter


Cultivate community and belonging with inclusive experiences that connect to your culture and offerings.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Advance corporate learning with live experiences where participants learn from peers and experts.

Manager Effectiveness

Elevate leadership skills in a safe environment with opportunities for practice and real-time feedback.

Class is committed to ensuring security compliance and certification

Class is SOC 2 Type II compliant and, through the integration into the CoSo Secure Private Cloud, is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.

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unlocking the value of remote connection at work ebook cover


Unlocking the Value of Remote Connection at Work


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7 Strategies to Deliver Human Experience in Virtual Learning


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Critical Skills for Virtual Facilitators


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